Looking for your year-end suggestions

2014 will mark the 19th year (!) for my annual Media Follies list of the most over-hyped and under-reported Stories of the Year. The categories are local, national, and international; Maria Tomchick and I will go over our picks during the (usually) s-l-o-w holiday weeks coming up, and I’ll publish them here as well.

And, as usual, I’d like your suggestions. Over-hyped, sadly, is pretty easy again this year (“EBOLA!! OMG EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE!!!”), and, sadly, there’s never any shortage of under-reported stories, either (“You mean thousands of people are continuing to die from Ebola, but they’re all in Western Africa? Oh, well, never mind.”)

What are your suggestions? Leave them in the comments or PM me, and stay tuned later this month for the usual depressing, hilarious, inspiring list..

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