Radio, Writing, & Bills

On KEXP this morning, we talked a lot about the Ferguson decision and protests – but also about a lot of things that haven’t been as prominent in the news, like the city and county budgets passed this week, the UN Committee on Torture’s report blasting the US, and much more. If you missed it this morning, check it out – the archived version will be up shortly.

I’ve been doing things like the radio show and covering the local Ferguson protests despite literally not knowing where I’m going to sleep each night, and facing a lot of bills coming due in the next few days. And while I enormously appreciate the folks who have contributed to my “Keep Geov Writing Campaign” birthday fund appeal earlier this month, the $1,600 people have donated so far is hugely helpful, but short of the $3,000 goal I set. That wasn’t a random goal – I have $3,200 in bills due in the next ten days, plus health insurance for 2015 (essential for my serious health issues) that will cost several thousand dollars unless I can find a cheaper arrangement during the enrollment period that ends in 10 days. And none of that includes daily living expenses, which I’ve cut to the minimum during my year of unemployment but that still add up. So, financially speaking, it’s a tight time. And anything any of you can do to help is still hugely appreciated. I can devote a lot more energy to local political work when I’m not worrying about personal survival (hierarchy of needs, and all that 🙂 ).

That PayPal button is waiting, at the lower right-hand portion of your screen. PM me if you need a mailing address or other arrangement. And, again, many, many thanks for whatever you can do to help, and for all that you do in the community more generally. Over the years I’ve found my readers (and my friends) to be among the most generous, caring people around.

I’m also in the market for both employment and a short-term place my fiance (Revel Smith) and I can stay over the next month (e.g., a spare room or a holiday house-sit or apartment-sit). More on that later.

At least the snow is pretty this morning!

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