O Christmas Tree…

After an afternoon of more marches and blocked intersections, the “Black Lives Matter” protest in Seattle got wild at the downtown tree lighting & Black Friday Consumer Pilgrimage tonight. Shortest. Fireworks. Ever. Westlake Mall closed 3.5 hours early. They seriously fucked up the Black Friday experience. Similar things seem to be happening in a number of cities today. The protests of Ferguson aren’t going away just yet.

The local media coverage of tonight, of course, is focusing entirely on disappointed shoppers and sad kids. The outcry over lost merchant sales will follow tomorrow. The actual protest message is mostly lost in such accounts.

That said…they couldn’t have picked a better target. If you want to interrupt business as usual in this country, it’s no longer primarily about throwing sand in the gears of politicians or bankers. Before people even notice those things, you have to interrupt the hypnosis – the endless entertainment, shopping, celebrity-worship, and naval gazing that anesthetizes way too many Americans. Saying “PAY ATTENTION TO THIS IMPORTANT SHIT OVER HERE!!” is pointless until you can get people to look up from their self-medications.

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