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My name is Geov Parrish. I am an organism. Hence Geov.org.

In 1996, frustrated by the frequently slow, stale, boring, and turgid writing of activist publications, I started Eat the State!, a little free newsletter which quickly became a newspaper, grew beyond the Seattle area, and had a lovely 17-year run before the Interwebs finally made newspapers obsolete (at least on our budget). We also launched a weekly segment on the “Mind Over Matters” public affairs show on KEXP 90.3 Seattle, each Saturday morning from 8:30 to 9 AM Pacific Time. Entitled “Eat the Airwaves,” it continues with myself and fellow ETS! veteran Maria Tomchick. Check it out!

ETS! also launched an unlikely ten-year journalism/punditry career for me. The Stranger offered me a column. Then Seattle Weekly (which, kids, was actually a relevant publication back in the day) hired me away. Then national publications came calling – MotherJones.com, Alternet.org, In These Times, Working Assets’ web site, and any number of other newspapers, magazines and web sites. I did a whole bunch of other stuff.

Then I kinda got tired of it, and went back to activism. But I still do a regular column (for City Living Seattle and other local Pacific Publishing newspapers), I still do the KEXP show each week, and I still have opinions from time to time. That’s what this is for,

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  1. dess

    So glad you’re here! I felt lost when there was no activity on ETS! and didn’t know where to glean my much needed ‘to the left of left’ opinions and reportage. Sincerely appreciate your Saturday morning appearances with Maria on Mike’s air time, but thanks for making another place to keep up with you!

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