From MLK to Donald Trump: Your Local Calendar of Hope and Resistance

As promised, here’s an updated calendar of local protests and resistance surrounding the inauguration of Donald Trump and his bands of zealots, nihilists, incompetents, and Russian plants. Starting tonight, for the next ten days Seattle will be very, very busy with protests and organizing to resist Trump’s America and begin to build something better. Be part of it.

Almost all of these events have Facebook event pages of their own. Find them, share them with your friends, and let the organizers know you’re coming!

And then after this wave of protests subsides, keep working, to help create the alternative policies and groups we’ll desperately need to mitigate what will be a crisis on too many fronts to recite. Everyone will be affected by the takeover of the federal government by radical nihilists, con artists, and moral scolds. Everyone. This IS a local issue.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 5 PM reception, 5:30 PM doors open, 7 PM program starts: City of Seattle’s annual MLK “Unity Day” with keynote speaker Angela Davis. Free, but head down there now – this will sell out. Town Hall, 8th & Seneca, downtown.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 6-8 PM: El Comite and others are organizing a forum for undocumented and other immigrants from around the state to tell their stories and to organize. St. Mary’s Church, 611 20th Ave. S., Judkins Park.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 12-2 PM: “Resist Trump: Town Hall Action Meeting”, a meeting for organizing strategies and trainings, hosted by the “Seattle Resist Trump Coalition” (which includes the organizers of all of these other events – there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes coordination happening.) Bertha Knight Landes Room, Seattle City Hall, 5th & James.

1-3:30 PM: “J20 Banner-Making Party,” sponsored by At Agnes Underground, 1433 12th Ave. Ste. A1 on Capitol Hill.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, noon: Sen. Bernie Sanders (by video feed) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal headline a rally to oppose ACA repeal, massive Medicaid cuts, and the federal defunding of Planned Parenthood. Westlake Park, 4h & Pine. and others are organizing Community Meetings to Resist Trump. There are several in King County, including three in the city of Seattle: 1 PM at the Green Lake Library, 7364 E. Green Lake Way N.; 1 PM at the Rainier Beach Library, 9125 Rainier Ave. S.; and 2 PM at the Redwing Cafe in Rainier Beach, 9272 57th Ave. S. Check for additional listings in our area.

MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 9:30 AM-4:30 PM: “Stop the Hate: Come Together” is the theme of the 35th annual MLK Day Celebration at Garfield High School, 23rd Ave. & Jefferson St. in the Central District. You can bet this year’s “celebration” will be all about building a more loving and inclusive alternative to Trump’s America. 9:30-10:50, workshops; 11 AM, gymnasium rally; 12:30, march to Federal Building, 2nd Ave. & Madison St., where there will be another rally; 1-4:30, Career Fair at Garfield.

7 PM: “Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Revolution,” talk sponsored by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement – Seattle. The Station, 2533 16th Ave. S. on Beacon Hill.

FRIDAY. JANUARY 20 will bring the biggest inauguration protests in US history in Washington, DC…and in Seattle.

8 AM: KEXP Radio is hosting a “Bed-In To Give Peace a Chance,” featuring a number of live bands. Representatives of Planned Parenthood, The Vera Project, ACLU of Washington, TeenTix, Gender Justice League, and Office of Arts and Culture will be on site with more information about their respective organizations. The Gathering Space at KEXP’s studios, 472 1st Ave. N., in the NW corner of Seattle Center, on the corner of 1st Ave. & Republican just north of Key Arena.

ALL MORNING: Student walkouts around the city; students will convene at noon at Seattle Central Community College (aka Seattle College), Broadway & Pine.

1 PM: El Comite is organizing an immigrants’ rights march – doubtless joined by lots of students and other sympathizers – starting with a 1 PM rally at Judkins Park, 22nd Ave. just south of Jackson, and then marching downtown to the Federal Building, 2nd Ave. & Madison St., to join the 4 PM Seattle Resist Trump Coalition rally, which will then march to Westlake Park, 4th Ave. & Pine St., for yet more 5 PM speaking and agitating and whatnot into the evening.

Also on Inauguration Day, Breitbart News editor and notorious racist and bigot Milo Yiannopoulos is speaking at 7 PM at the University of Washington. Rather than give Yiannopoulos the kinds of confrontations he craves, campus organizers are hosting a counter-event, Stand Up Against Hate, from 6-11 PM with speakers and bands at Red Square on the University of Washington campus.

Protesting isn’t your thing? From 12-8 PM, the City of Seattle and Seattle United for Immigrant and Refugee Families are offering FREE help on a wide variety of immigration issues, from applying for visas or citizenship to legal counseling to personal safety and much more. At McCaw Hall, 319 Mercer St. on the north side of Seattle Center.

There’s also a bunch of cool bands and shows doing stuff that night to fortify us for the next four years, too. Including, just up the street from McCaw Hall:

Salon de la Resistance: An Anti-Inaugural Ball, 8 PM-1 A
M at The Ruins Seattle, 570 N. Roy St. (just north of Seattle Center). Featuring DJ Gene Balk (Emerald City Soul Club), Trickbag’s Mr. B, and many surprise guests. 21 plus, no host bar. Tickets $35. All bar and poster shop proceeds, and a portion of ticket sales, will be donated to the ACLU and El Centro de la Raza.

Also on Inauguration Day, a social media blackout is being called for on the day of Trump’s inauguration. People are being asked to only post images of pure black all day on January 20, 2017, to protest the Trump presidency and to demand that more is done to combat fake news stories on social media. Find out more at There is also a somewhat conflicting effort on the same day for everyone to post as their profile picture a photo of “The Best First Family Ever,” as a way of saying thanks to the outgoing Obamas.

Not enough marching for you? Good, because the largest of all of these events is likely to be…

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 10 AM-4 PM: Women’s March on Seattle
(in conjunction with a similar, much larger march in DC) has, after long and tedious negotiations with the city, announced a march. It will convene in Judkins Park (which also hosts the Friday immigrants’ rally and march). 10 AM rally begins, 11 AM march begins. The route goes through downtown Seattle and ends with another rally at Seattle Center. As of today, Thursday 1/12, the event Facebook page lists 33,000 people as “going” and another 42,000 as “interested.” It’ll be yuugggee.

And now that people have marched in enormous numbers to support women’s issues, it’s time to fund part of the resistance:

SUNDAY, JANUARY 22, 9 AM: Pantsuit 5k run/walk around Green Lake
. Registration $20, all proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

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