From the kitchen

That’s the title we used for years at Eat the State! to denote notes from the editor – it’s kind of redundant in a first person blog, but as good a way as any to flag that I just wanted to update folks on some blog matters.

Having gotten through last week’s surgery (and the infection and hospitalization that preceded it), I’m in an interim period where for the first time in a couple of months I physically feel pretty good. Alas, I’ll be starting steroid treatments for the kidney infection in ten days (on Oct. 21), so the push is on to use this narrow window to try to help settle housing and catch up on all the logistical, political, and social things I’ve fallen behind on before the next wave of drug-induced weirdness hits.

Separately, I’m also posting a piece on the City of Seattle budget proposed this month by Mayor Murray, and I’ll be getting back to more political writing and commentary as health allows.

As always, many thanks to all the people who’ve been supportive or offered to help. It’s made the chaos of recent months lots easier!

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